About Us

We are a growing group of concerned residents who believe that Sydney's beautiful harbour is for everyone to share and enjoy.  Noakes Boats and Shipyards has a DA with North Sydney Council that will severely effect the amenity of beautiful Berry's Bay.  The DA benefits no-one but the Noakes group.  More importantly if approved the inclusion of the Floating Dry Dock Facility will significantly effect the lives of all those who live in and use the area - it will be a very large, very ugly, very noisey and smelly element in Berrys Bay.  

Berrys Bay Needs Your Help

  Please review the DA at:

Type in:  6 John Street, McMahons Point.  We would ask that you lodge an objection via the Council website.  Objections must include your name and address to be considered.  You might also contact your local council representative and tell them why you’re against the FDD or send us an email.

Thank You

Say No to DA 57/19  Submissions close 13 April 2020

The health of the Harbour is at stake!

Say No to Noakes

Noakes withdrew their original application and resubmitted in 2019. 

The saga to Save Berrys Bay continues.  
Say No to the FDD - North Sydney Council DA 57/19.  Submissions close 13.4.2020