What is being proposed?

Noakes Boatyard has submitted a Development Application to demolish two jetties and a number of moorings. The structures will be replaced with a Floating Dry Dock.

Why is there community opposition to the Floating Dry Dock?

The Floating Dry Dock is completely at odds with the scale of the bay and the nature and scale for the area. The development will negatively affect the lives of hundreds of people who live near the boatyard, the thousands of members of the local community who use the surrounding parklands and oval each week, and the tens of thousands of tourists who visit Berrys Bay every year . You can read some of the points against the development here.

I’m concerned about the Floating Dry Dock. What should I do?

To help the campaign and stop the Floating Dry Dock you should write a submission to North Sydney Council objecting to DA 57/19. The easiest way to make a submission is to simply email North Sydney Council. You can make a submission by emailing: council@northsydney.nsw.gov.au You can address your email to George Youhana, the Council Officer who is reviewing the Floating Dry Dock Development Application. Submissions cannot be anonymous. You must include your name, address and contact information. You should also make it clear that your submission is about DA number 57/19. COUNCIL WILL NOT ACCEPT A SUBMISSION IF THE SENDER’S IDENTITY IS NOT PROPERLY DISCLOSED.

What else should I do to stop the Floating Dry Dock?

To stop this development we need to make our voices heard. In addition to writing a submission to North Sydney Council objecting to DA 57/19 you can contact your political representatives to let them know that you are against the development. If the politicians hear enough of us on this they will join the campaign and advocate for the community against the development. In addition to writing a submission you can:

How much time do I have to make a submission?

Submissions to North Sydney Council must be made by 5pm 23 April 2019. We urge you to submit early and get your submission in as soon as possible.

What is the process for this development to get approved?

  1. The applicant gets leave from the land owners and leaseholders to submit the Development Application.
  2. The Development Application is prepared by the applicant and submitted to North Sydney Council.
  3. Council advertises for submissions from the public and comments on the Development Application.
  4. An officer appointed by North Sydney Council reviews the Development Application, considers all of the submissions and makes a recommendation.
  5. This Development Application will then be determined at a meeting of the Sydney North Planning Panel. The planning panel is made up of two elected councillors from North Sydney Council, and three fixed members